LEGO needs more $10 sets

Yesterday I was out doing some Christmas shopping and Wal-Mart was one of my stops.† On my way out of the store I checked out the LEGO aisle.† There were lots of sets in the $30+ prices range on the shelves but nothing in the sub-$30 range.

I donít understand why LEGO continues to ignore a market segment which there is obviously demand for.† Particularly in this weak economy.† I stopped by Toys-R-Us later in the day and while the situation wasnít as dire as the Wal-Mart I visited, there was much less selection of the lower priced sets and lots and lots of stock of the expensive sets.† One pleasant surprise to see was a 9v Train (the RC Cargo Train) on the shelf in a retail store.† Been a while since I have seen that.

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  2. Pat Canella says:

    SO SO true! As a kid I was constantly looking for sets I could afford, nowadays parents don’t want to shell out cash for 30.00 sets. I loved the ones that came with a horse and minifig and a mini playset I could use to add on to other mini sets to make bigger ones, come on lego!

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