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Classic Space Figs and Elements

As I bought used lots of LEGO and would sort it, I would toss the Classic Space elements and minifigs into a bag thinking I’d eventually do something with them or sell them.  I never did anything with them except … Continue reading

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LEGO Train Poster

In the course of cleaning up this weekend I found a few copies of the famous LEGO Train Poster.  I had a number of these printed in various sizes and we used them on the NCLTC public displays.  I have … Continue reading

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My version of Pick-a-Brick

This afternoon I finished vacating the room where I have had my office and LEGO room for the past few years.  We’re going to turn it into a guest room so I am moving to one of the bedrooms.  This … Continue reading

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Trying to make order out of chaos

I am trying to make order out of chaos. For many years I ran a very active BrickLink store.  I would buy sets on sale and part them out, keeping a few parts but selling most of it.  It was the … Continue reading

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Fire Station

I can’t decide whether to take my Fire Station apart or renovate it so it is modular so it can be stored in a box.  Hmm … what to do, what to do?  Joe Cool was over yesterday to pick … Continue reading

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