Classic Space Figs and Elements

As I bought used lots of LEGO and would sort it, I would toss the Classic Space elements and minifigs into a bag thinking I’d eventually do something with them or sell them.  I never did anything with them except build my Space Train, the rest of the pieces have been languishing in a bag for years.  Time for them to go – if you’re interested in this lot of Class Space, make me an offer!

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LEGO Train Poster

In the course of cleaning up this weekend I found a few copies of the famous LEGO Train Poster.  I had a number of these printed in various sizes and we used them on the NCLTC public displays.  I have no idea if it was ever updated after this version, I don’t believe so.


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My version of Pick-a-Brick

This afternoon I finished vacating the room where I have had my office and LEGO room for the past few years.  We’re going to turn it into a guest room so I am moving to one of the bedrooms.  This move is a compelling event for getting ready for the big purge.  Right now I have my own version of Pick-a-Brick in my garage!

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Trying to make order out of chaos

I am trying to make order out of chaos.

For many years I ran a very active BrickLink store.  I would buy sets on sale and part them out, keeping a few parts but selling most of it.  It was the proceeds from my BrickLink shop that allowed me to build my collection.  I would also buy off BrickLink for my own projects and whenever I was placing an order, I would usually but other parts that I thought might be useful one day.

A lot of the sets I parted out never made it to BrickLink and a lot of the parts I bought never made it into my working collection.  Where did they go?  Into a bunch of big tubs I have had in my closet for about 10 years now.

This afternoon I started going through in preparation for the big parts sale (maybe next weekend).  There are some real finds in these bins.  Need the numbered tile from the 10020 Limited Edition Santa Fe locomotive?  I’ve got a couple!  Need a pile of Dinosaurs?  I’ve got you covered!  These tubs also contain all of the elements I bought from the Model Shop.

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Fire Station

I can’t decide whether to take my Fire Station apart or renovate it so it is modular so it can be stored in a box.  Hmm … what to do, what to do?  Joe Cool was over yesterday to pick up a few things from my Everything Must Go list.  He suggested I try and sell some of my MOC buildings instead of taking them apart.  I have no idea if there is a market for such a thing but maybe I’ll try and find out.

I had several iterations of a Fire Station before I got one I was  happy with.  I like this one so it has survived for quite a while.  It features six of the Bricks with Groove and Garage Panels service packs.  I had picked up quite a few of them from LEGO Shop at Home Europe when a bunch of old service packs appeared on the European Shop at Home web site briefly.  I was able to order them and ship them to our office in Sweden where at the time I would visit 2-3 times per year.  One of my co-workers held the package for me until my next visit.  I still have some of those service packs around here somewhere!

Because I can’t build Fire Trucks worth beans, I decided to use some older LEGO sets for my Fire Trucks.  I used 6525 Blaze Commander, 6531 Flame Chaser, 6340 Hook and Ladder and another Fire Truck which I can’t put my finger on.

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